The Valentine's EP

by Banjo and the Basement Dwellers

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A album about love, and how much it sucks

Guitar/Vocals - Ben Dickson (Banjo)
Bass/Ukulele/Melodica - Ben Dickson (Benjarama)
Percussion/Congas/Additional Vocals - Ben Dickson (Bingo Billy)


released February 14, 2016

All songs written by Ben Dickson



all rights reserved


Ben From Outer Space Turlock, California

Cult Leader

Email me at:

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Track Name: If You Want Love
Peace on Earth
Mercy, Please
You pray so bad it don't do anything

Where's the love?
Daddy, please
It's not my fault nor my responsibility

Change the world
Mother, please
Send your crying thoughts, say you did your part
that's fine by me

If you want love you gotta love
if you want peace, then provide peace
if you want change you gotta change
if you want love, find someone to love
Track Name: Midas Touch
Honestly I've forgiven you for screaming in my face
I guess it was the meds talking or oxygen you waste
I guess I didn't notice all the warning signs and like the bird that crapped on my leg on our first date

I thought the time was right
but oh god was i wrong
as I said those three little words and you responded
with silence
I'll never forget the two words that you said

"Thank you"

I know you think I'm listening but my mind is somewhere else
Is this a dream or an alternate reality?
I don't know why I try
because everything I touch will always turn to gold

and I know you think I'm listening but my mind is somewhere else
Is this a dream or some twisted reality?
I don't know why you try
because everytime I love, I always fall apart

Since your life sucks so bad you want something to believe in
but santa clause and god are much too ridiculous
so you gravitate towards a trendy religion
worshiping nature while you light another cigarette again

(look I'll just stop you right there, because I already know what you are gonna say, It's gonna be something about how much you party and how you are actually living your life and how I'm just a stupid loser and you're gonna say something like: "My lungs are trashed my liver is so fucked up and I'm probably gonna die at 35 hehehehehe")

All three of them wish I was lost at sea
but I'm drowning in my lack of integrity
I wish I could be who I want to be
But I can't kill my ego inside of me
Track Name: Greeting Card Holiday
I don't want to get out of bed today
for a greeting card holiday

A day run on guilt and obligation
to buy chocolates and roses

Because telling her you love her isn't enough
You have to break the bank to prove it
Because telling her you love her isn't enough
You have to pay me to show it

If you really love her enough
You don't need a special day to show it

If you really need a gift to prove his love
You are the one who should show some proof

If you really love